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Ladies Kaftan in Metalic Beige with Bronze Sfifa

SKU: 5042 $120.00

Ladies Kaftan in Metalic Green with Bronze Sfifa

SKU: 5041 $120.00

Ladies Kaftan in Cream Crepe with Colorful Sequins

SKU: 5040 $120.00

Special Occasion in kaftan Black Velvet

SKU: 5039 $250.00

Special Occasion Kaftan in Purple Crepe with Golden Embroidery

SKU: 5038 $175.00

Special Occasion Kaftan in Grey Satin with Golden Zwaq Maallem.

SKU: 5037 $250.00

Ladies Kaftan in Turquoise Georgette with Golden Embroidery

SKU: 5036 $300.00

Ladies Kaftan in Red Georgette with Golden Embroidery

SKU: 5035 $300.00

Ladies Kaftan in White Georgette with Golden Embroidery

SKU: 5034 $300.00

Sabaya Kaftan in Pink Glitter with Ribbon Flowers

SKU: 5033 $350.00

Special Occasions Kaftan in White Floral Chiffon

SKU: 5032 $600.00

Sabaya Kaftan One Piece in Pink Brocade

SKU: 5031 $450.00

Special Occasions Kaftan in Golden Brocade with Pink Top

SKU: 5030 $550.00

Special Occasions Kaftan in Green Brocade

SKU: 5029 $350.00

Special Occasions Kaftan in Luxurious Brocade with Blue

SKU: 5028 $550.00

Ladies Kaftan in Blue Silver with Beautiful Ribbon Flowers

SKU: 5027 $350.00