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Special Ocassion Kaftan in White with Gold emboideries

SKU: 5058 $450.00

Ladies Kaftan in Golden Red

SKU: 5057 $150.00

Special Occasions Kaftan in Purple Floral Chiffon

SKU: 5056 $350.00

Ladies Kaftan in Red Crepe with Golden Sfifa

SKU: 5055 $100.00

Ladies Kaftan in Beige Crepe with Flower Emboideries

SKU: 5054 $100.00

Ladies Kaftan in Blue Georgette emblished with fine stone and crystals.

SKU: 5053 $250.00

Special Occasion Kaftan in Metalic Red with Golden Stones and Sfifa

SKU: 5052 $650.00

Ladies Kaftan in White Floral Chiffon with Silky Satin

SKU: 5051 $600.00

Ladies Kaftan in Golden Green with Red Zwaq Maalem

SKU: 5050 $650.00

Special Occasion Kaftan in Grey Velvet with Golden Crystals and Stones

SKU: 5049 $200.00

Ladies Kaftan in Pink Crepe with Golden Zwaq Maalem

SKU: 5048 $100.00

Ladies Kaftan in Blue Crepe with Golden Zwaq Maalem

SKU: 5047 $100.00

Special Occasion kaftan Grey Velvet with Golden Emboidery

SKU: 5046 $200.00

Special Occasion Kaftan in Rich Green with Golden Emboidery and Colorful Crystals

SKU: 5045 $400.00

Special Occasion Kaftan in Dark Blue Satin with Golden Zwaq Maallem

SKU: 5044 $250.00

Ladies Kaftan with Golden Rose Zwaq Maalem and Sfifa

SKU: 5043 $100.00